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It's a matter of math.


In Nigeria, $300,000 can build a comprehensive healthcare center, buy all supplies, medications, and pay employees to run it all, for TWO FULL YEARS.

Now on the one hand, $300,000 is shockingly low; to do the same in the United States, it would cost MILLIONS. But on the other hand, $300,000 is a huge amount of money for most of us to imagine donating. So how do we tackle this? Well, we believe that anything is possible when people come together. As we said - it's a matter of math.

We simply raise $100,000, three times.
Or $50,000, six times.
Or $10,000, thirty times.
Or $1000, three hundred times.

Thus, the Army of 300 was born.


The Army of 300 is a group of people committed to each giving $1000 over the course of 1 or 2 years, which equates to giving as little as $10 per week.

Be a part of something big.

You can make a massive, life-changing difference to thousands of people who need healthcare desperately. Commit to being a regular donor, and guarantee that we'll reach our full fundraising goal in 2 years or less. We can make this healthcare clinic a reality, with your help. Join us. Join the movement.

Join the 300.