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Our Vision & Our Mission

Nurture Kinship. Restore Health. Cultivate Leadership. Preserve Culture.

Equal As One is an Arizona-based non-profit organization dedicated to alleviating the burdens of poverty by providing healthcare and education to those in need.

We believe everyone is Equal in their worth, and we are all members of One human family. 

We believe this kinship implores us all to take care of one another.

We are grateful for your interest in who we are. For an in-depth view of our mission, continue reading below.

Access to health care and quality education are necessary means to alleviate the burdens of poverty. In rural areas of economically less developed nations, both access to health care and quality education are either extremely expensive or non-existent. The primary focus of Equal As One is to provide initial assistance to these communities to setup healthcare and learning centers, then subsequently help these communities organize to sustain these institutions themselves.

Rather than encourage dependence on foreign aid, we strive to promote reliance between members of the community. Equal As One embraces interdependence as a fundamental philosophy of life; no matter how absolute, separate or self-sufficient, people or aspects of life may seem, everything and everyone depends on something else. This philosophy inspires us to view every human being as equal, and as kin. This will be the philosophy we hope to promote as we bring community members together to build sustainable and enduring institutions that add value to their lives. Through this process of uniting on common grounds we hope to nurture the spirit of kinship in the communities we serve.

In these parts of the world where individuals and families largely interact with the health care system only for treatment of sickness related problems, the goal to restore health will be achieved through a deliberate emphasis on preventative health. We will establish community health centers with multidisciplinary healthcare provider teams who focus on treating and restoring the health of both the individual and the population at large.

Knowledge is an essential aspect of leadership, and the spirit of service is an indispensable quality of a leader. Equal As One recognizes that true leadership is critical in building a thriving community. The mission to cultivate leadership will come through the provision of free formal education at the primary and secondary school levels for the brightest children of these communities. Institutions will be built to emphasize leadership through service, and will endeavor to be centers of exchange for the better values of both indigenous and global cultures.

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