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Land Acquisition: Legal, and Cultural

Presented by Dr. Nkuzi Nnam, Vice President

May 2018

The land has been legally acquired for Equal As One in a small village in Enugu State, Nigeria.  It is a total of five plots.  One plot is equivalent to 60x102 feet, therefore five plots would equal ¾-1 acre.  We were blessed by a generous seller who chose to sell his land to Equal As One because of our mission, despite other interested buyers who gave larger offers.

What is next, one might ask?  The next step is the “Ikpa nri ani” covenant.  It is a process during which a ram and a chicken are both slaughtered within a newly acquired land.  A feast is celebrated.  At the same time, the sellers are required to take part with the consumption of the food and drinks.  It is a covenant that binds every consumer spiritually and traditionally to the contract.  In other words, it is believed that any member of the sellers who eats there and later decides to repossess the land will die immediately as a result.  A part of the “colonial mentality” in Igboland (all areas home to the Igbo people) today is that some sellers are beginning to ask to be paid in cash rather than go through this ceremonial covenant.  I am indeed looking forward to the completion of this covenant, because it is only then that we will be able to take or assume full control of the land. 

- Dr. Nkuzi Nnam

Next Up

Our next lofty goal is to raise the $150,000 needed to build the clinic itself. We are well on our way, but we need your help to get there.